11 Wellesley West Condo

11 Wellesley Condos Official Sales Center

11 Wellesley Condos Official Sales Center

11 Wellesley Condos are no in the registration phase, please click on the picture link about to register today

Location: 11 Wellesley West

Development Cost: (Land Purchase Price $65 million)

Development Type : Residential – Commercial/Retail Base
Condo Purchase Price and Range: Unknown
Floors: 54/45
Developer: Lanterra


Project Background: Empty lot owned by province sold to Lanterra through open free market bid process open to all applicants. Area Residents had long dreamed of a park on the site, and hoped that no towers would be built here.

The latest development from Toronto which is a city on the verge of bursting as the following list of projects can attest. There are some 150 buildings in Toronto Currently Under-Construction. Then there are also Hundreds of new project proposals in the works. This project is the latest and just one of many on the go. There has been talk in some quarters of a condo bubble that may be bursting, however, those fears however well founded have proved not to be true.

The Yorkdale Condos

The Yorkdale Condos by Context is now registering,  please click here to view all the pre-construction incentives

The Yorkdale Condo

The Yorkdale Condo

The Yorkdale Condos is a brand new development by Context Development Incorporated.  This project will be a mixed-use condo & retail development project and is currently in the pre-construction phase. Toronto will be seeing a new luxurious condo coming right beside Yorkdale Mall with immediate easy access to the TTC.

Context Developments a world renowned developer is bringing its highly reputable designs to the city of Toronto. Context projects are the most cleverly structured, the very best designed and most sympathetic, they are not only the best of their type, they are the type.

Context Development has been creating inspired condos since it was founded in 1997 and will be added one of its creative projects to Toronto’s downtown that appeal to those seeking the smart urban lifestyle.

The Yorkdale Condos will be located next to Yorkdale Mall, Canada’s most recognized shopping centre, located in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area. Its exclusive list of merchants – adding up to more than two hundred and forty – is highlighted by many first-in-Canada and leading stores, including J.Crew, Tory Burch, Crate & Barrel and Burberry, as well as such sought-after destinations as Tiffany & Co., Holt Renfrew, Apple and Cartier. The shopping mall has a high ranking as one of the highest performing shopping centres in North America.

River City Condominiums in West Don Lands

Introducing the River City Condominiums in West Don Lands. This development is by Urban Capital Property Group and and Waterfront Toronto. Currently its on its final phase. The first condo has already been constructed, and only a select few units are remaining. The secondo condo is currently in construction. It consists for 3 mini towers connected by a glass passageway. The third condo named River City Condominiums Phase 3 has started selling and is in pre-construction status. The actual address of this is on Eastern Avenue and Saint Lawrence. It will be a 28 storey tower with grey, black, and white exterior panels.

The area has been undergoing a revitalization. It was typically an industrial area. For further details about the river city condomium development click here. Some notable improvements include the Overpass, flood prevention, the parklands, and preparation for the 2015 pan-am games. The overpass which was once considered a dark and gloomy part of the city has been converted to a park. The city contributed about 5 million dollars to make this happen and it was worth the cost. New measures to prevent floods was added to the river including a landform that would keep the water where it belongs and not damage any property. With the largest park lands in Toronto you’ll be sure never to get over crowded in this location. There are 18 acres of lush green rolling hills to stroll or ride through. An athletes villages will be constructed for the 2015 pan american games and will be converted into a mixed use neighbourhood.

River City is also surrounded by three prominent neighbourhoods in Toronto. These include Corktown which is one of the oldest neighbourhoods with a lot to offer. Leslieville known for its film industry with several major companies around. The Distillery District known for its history buildings and entertainment venues. Considering this West Don Lands is a perfect locations to start a life or making an investment in.

The “New Normal” is Here to Stay!

When will we see home prices like we saw during the boom?

It’s no secret that prices went sky high to unsustainable and not affordable levels during the real estate boom. We look at the equity we thought we had in our homes during this anomaly and it’s common to hope to see those prices return someday soon.

Well, the truth of the matter is that we almost certainly won’t see 2005-2006 prices for many, many years. Some economists predict it will be another fifteen years before we see the prices back near peak levels. And if you look at historic home price appreciation, it realistically could be 2025 or longer!

A review of the five county Metro area (Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake and Volusia) shows 2010 year-to-date home prices at the lowest level since before the turn of the century! The prices this year based on 30,565 homes sold shows an average sale of $139,202 and a median sales price of $107,500. Compare that to almost 62,000 sales in 2006 and 2007 combined which had an average price of $287,967 and median price of $237,500.

So the average value is down a sobering 51.7% and the drop in median price is 54.7%. I think everyone likes a “half-price” sale at a retail store but it stings when it comes to home prices! It’s hard to picture prices going lower in spite of the foreclosures, short sales, high unemployment and sputtering economy. I’m thinking we have found the bottom!

While many people have hoped for a quick turnaround even as the market declined further, I think the economic data, tighter lending standards, conservative new appraisal laws and a severe hangover from the last boom suggests that prices aren’t going to appreciate quickly.

I think we’ve found the “New Normal” and more of us accept that as reality as the days pass. So many people have had their lives on hold waiting for the real estate market, many by necessity and other by choice, believing prices will “come back”. We’ll all make it through this together. Our great grandparents spoke about the Great Depression. We’ll tell our grandchildren about the Great Recession and the housing boom and bust as we began the new millennium!

Real Estate Market Improves

I want the real estate market to improve as much as anyone else. But, don’t tell me the market is getting better as a part of a negotiation tactic. Local real estate markets don’t get better or worse over the course of a few weeks; they crawl to lower inventory and more affordable prices. It took us a few years to get into this rough patch, and it will take a couple years for us to get out.

America not fared as badly as other areas around the country, but our sales volume has decreased substantially compared to the boom years. With decreased sales volume, we have seen higher inventory and weaker pricing. But, check out the Local Stats category (in the right margin), we’re doing o.k.. Still, appreciation is low or in some neighborhoods nonexistent. Our high inventory makes selling more competitive than it’s ever been.

. . . which brings me back to my main point. I was negotiating a contract recently with a local agent and to justify his seller’s pricing position, he insisted that the market is getting better. His seller would not come down in price because his office is seeing an increase in activity. . .

Well, we see an increase every September for the short fall market and a few more showings is not a sign that our local market is returning to more robust sales numbers. We have to look at long-term trends and they are still indicating a seller’s market is nowhere in sight.

It is difficult to know if the listing agent was merely posturing and advocating for his seller, which is his job, or if he really believed what he was saying. Regardless, the seller did come down in price and we got the contract together. In a buyer’s market, that is usually what happens, i.e., the seller has to come down. This end result indicates. . . you guessed it. . . .that for right now, the market is still pretty much the same.

501 Yonge Street Condo

501 Yonge Condos by Lanterra Developments
One of the leading project developers Lanterra Developments has started with a new exciting project which is under pre-construction at Yonge Street. Planning to build two Condo towers, where the north tower will be located on Mainland Street and the South Tower fronting on Alexander Street.
501 Yonge condominium is a 58-storey twin towers which contains 960 condominiums which are been shared over the 7-storey podium with retail uses at grade and 5 storey’s of above grade , with a parking space of 320 which is located above the subway tunnel running below the length of the property. This project is been designed by the top architects for the interiors, ceiling designing, terrace designing, kitchen designing etc. The area is having over 940 cycle space downtown for the people who love cycling. The Yonge Street is having the shops. Malls and restaurants very much near just a walk able distance. These new Condos in Toronto is a well suited condo for a small family or a big family or very well suited for the bachelors. Important features are:

Well Planned dramatic terraces and spectacular Inner Courtyard
Best suit of double glazed windows throughout exterior.
The kitchen interiors are been designed with the latest European designs

50 Wellesley Condos

A new real estate investment project is starting called Wellesley Condos. The address is 50 Wellesley Street in Toronto. These residences are being developed by Plaza Corp and designed by the Quadrangle Architects firm. This condo will have 28 storeys and around 223 units up for sale in spring of 2014.

Buying pre-construction condos is one of the best way to earn money in real estate investment. There are few key factors why this happens. During this sales phase, prices are much lower saving you thousands of dollars. There are about 6 sales phases and each time the price goes up. The developer offers incentives for the first group of purchasers. You will have the greatest selection of units and floors at this time. Most of what is left when the general public is allowed to purchase the units without a vip sales representative are the least desirable units.

To purchase a condo residence on 50 Wellesley, some sort of down payment, and pre-qualification for a mortgage is often required. One of the major banks is always in the sales center. One advantage to using them is that they will be the only ones that can hold the current mortgage rate for up to a year without any commitment on you part. It is always best to get pre-approved by the bank that is dealing with that project directly. The payment structure has not been released by the developer yet.

Location is a key factor to good real estate investment. Learning about the surrounding neighbourhood and area is crucial to make a wise decision. 50 Wellesley Residences are in a well established location that will continue to return grow and prosper. There will be no need to travel far, as all the major amenities are within walking distance. Public transportation provided by the TTC is right around the corner for those that require to get around Toronto.

Trading Real Estate Tips

In today’s times, when the markets are dipping and it is a high risk to invest money into assets like stocks, commodities etc; trading real estate is the option that can help one make desired kinds of profits from the investments. The fact about real estate is that even in today’s times, the prices in this field are rising so as to give profits in return to the investors. It is certainly for this reason only that there are a large number of companies that are dealing in real estate in today’s times. They assist those who want to trade or want to make investments in this trading field, along with doing their own business. The help from these companies lets one have an easy brush while trading real estate and get a comfortable experience out of the dealings. The best part is that these trading real estate companies can be sought for help through internet sources only, which means that one doesn’t need to get out of the house to get started with the trading experience and can do it all from the cozy comforts of the house only!

How Trading Real Estate is Different

It is a fact that unlike trading other types of commodities, trading real estate requires the aspirants to gain some prior knowledge so as to excel in the field. But despite all this, the basic fact remains that one should be careful about all the steps that one takes. After all, the question is about investing money and no one likes to endure a loss in cases where money gets involved. Along with this, the field involves not only your but also your clients’ money and losing that could actually damage your reputation the market and in turn your career in for bad trades.

The knowledge about real estate trading tactics can be gained formally also, by pursuing various courses that deal with the aspects of this field. With the help of these, one can become aware of the multiple factors related to trading real estate along with the advanced methods being taken up for the field these days. The internet revolution has aided the advancement of methods in real estate trading also by bringing all the things into the mouse buttons. From the properties on sale, to the buyers interested in them, everything can be seen on the computer screens and one can mint money by trading properties from your own living room sofa! Apart from the ease, the internet technology has also rendered the traders more ability to gather information about the properties and investors. They can also calculate the estimated profits that the properties would offer them in the future and can take a thorough decision while trading after considering these things.

Reality of Trading Real Estate

The factor of profits does lure one to get into the trading real estate business and try the luck, but it should however be kept in mind that one takes a start after taking consultation from someone who is experienced in the field and is aware of its trade secrets. This can be the companies you associate with, or even someone from your own contacts. The knowledge acquired by you, combined with your guides experience are sure going to benefit you once you start trading real estate!

Realty Trading

This is a time when selling houses and prime lots can be anybody’s business. Due to the high percentage profits that can be gained through realty trading, a lot of individuals are putting a part of their time and effort in seeking out prospective buyers. By representing homes that are for sale, these people get a chance to earn a proportion of the total revenues. For many, referring individuals to property contractors and consultants is fast becoming more than just a part-time job. Many people are looking at the idea of going full time in the real estate business.

Realty Trading Careers

Today, realty trading is a serious career path. A lot of individuals are associated full-time with property companies that are spread out all over the country. Due to the risks and the dangers that go with the selling and buying of houses and lots, the government makes it mandatory for every real estate trader to undergo licensure examinations. A career in this field can lead to a lot of financial profits for property agents and representatives. The necessity to undergo proper training is vital to being an expert or consultant in realty trading. Not only does a real estate transaction involve a lot of finances, it also brings into consideration the legal implications of property ownership, as mandated by law.

Trading in real estate concerns about procedures that are associated with the directives of a specific country or state. Legal decrees and principles are in existence whenever property transactions are involved. The selling and the buying of assets is done in accordance with the constitutional directives of the government. Claim to a property must be legally binding to the rules of a sovereign land. This is the reason why licensure examinations are implemented among people who have a serious interest in real estate trading. It is a critical fact that agents and brokers must put heavy weight on the information and data that is associated with real estate trading. Property transactions are critical because they involve the binding right of the buyer to lay claim to a house, a lot or a land under the jurisdiction of a government ruling.

Real estate trading is filled with legal proceedings. A property is not merely a possession that can be acquired outright anywhere and anytime. It is not a belonging, which can be claimed through force or coercion. With the involvement of financial resources, claiming a property needs to undergo a set of guidelines to make the process legal and binding. The real estate transactions must be addressed by an individual whose expertise is confirmed by government laws. The significance of licensure exams brings to light the knowledge that will be utilized during the transaction process. License is the approval given to people who have the authority to mediate or represent property negotiations in accordance with existing regulations. Real estate trading needs brokers who will set the negotiation process rolling as supported by law. Getting a license in realty trading does not necessarily mean having the right to impose restrictions or control during property concessions. Acquiring a license means applying the legal transfer of property as guided by the governing by-laws.

Real Estate Investing Information

Real Estate is a desirable commodity and a worthwhile investment. Given the risks and benefits involved, real estate investors need the right information and guidance to take the right decisions. There are several good sources for real estate investing information.

You can begin by going to the local library and getting books on real estate. You will find out all the basics on what you have to do when you own a home/property, maintenance, buying and selling, etc.  You can also talk to your banker, who would be a good source of investing information, as he or she will be the source for your financing. There are many such ways to make sure that you get the right information relating to real estate.

The Internet is a great source for investing information.  This is a good way to check out the city you are going to invest in, good neighborhoods, schools, activities available, etc.  This way you will also be able to find out which real estate company you want to work with.  There are real estate brokerages in every city and you can find an agent to work with. Another source for good investinginformation is your local newspaper. On the weekends there are always pull out sections with information on all kinds of properties on sale and multiple listings.

Investing Information Sources

Websites and newspapers advertise foreclosures and estate sales, and offer investment opportunities and investing information for people who are interested in buying cheap and flipping the property.  Other sources of investing information are radio shows and seminars.  These forums offer information in a slightly different format – market trends and all the latest technologies available to make a property attractive and the like.

If you are interested in buying more than just a house, and would like to expand your investing portfolio, there are different sources for such investing information.  The local chamber of commerce would be able to provide statistics and details on neighborhoods, businesses, activities, etc., so that you can make an informed decision on the path to take. Each city has a Real Estate Investing Club, which would be a good place to get investing information.  If you want to invest in a certain kind of property, you may find like-minded people there, and you can invest pooled money in a bigger property.

Investing Information Reports

There is always going to be a need for property in one form or another.  If you are in doubt, then you always have the option of buying shares of companies, which are in this line of business.  Annual reports have detailed information on the various projects a company has invested in.  It is also a good idea to check and see how you can invest in stocks and mutual funds. You can also check what percentage of your pension plan has been invested in companies dealing in real estate.

It is a matter of personal responsibility to look at all the sources of investing information and make informed decisions when dealing in real estate.  Done right, the return on investment is very good.